Ingredient, chemical, and fatty acid composition of the diet before (day −2) and during algal-concentrate feeding

Day −2ALGa
Ingredients (g/kg DM)
    Grass silage412401
    Corn silage281273
    Extracted rapeseed meal62.761.0
    Soybean meal62.761.0
    Standard concentrate75.716.2
    Algal concentrateb85.0
Chemical composition (g/kg DM)c
    Crude protein158160
    Crude fat30.934.4
    Crude fiber197189
Fatty acid composition (g/kg DM)
    C18:1 c93.883.56
    C18:2 n-66.326.58
    C18:3 n-34.144.30
    C22:6 n-32.09
Total fatty acids21.426.4
  • a ALG, algal-concentrate feeding.

  • b −, not present.

  • c OM, organic matter; NDF, neutral detergent fiber; ADF, acid detergent fiber.