Basic statistics of the Leptospirillum group II and III genomes

CategoryNo. (%) of genes in Leptospirillum group
Group IIGroup III
TotalDetected in all samplesTotalDetected in all samplesPredicted level (%)a
Predicted genes2,6251,696 (65)2,6591,201 (45)64
    Proteins detected in UBA sample only1,384 (53)998 (37)53
Genes with annotation1,717 (65)1,258 (48)1,716 (65)934 (35)50
    Orthologs1,2571,037 (40)1,257789 (30)42
    Unique to each species460221 (8)459145 (5)8
Genes without annotation908438 (17)943267 (10)14
    Orthologs445280 (11)444157 (6)8
    Unique to each species463158 (6)499110 (4)6
Hypothetical and conserved hypothetical proteins455538
    Subset unique to Leptospirillum groups II and III149149
    Hypothetical proteins unique to each species306389
  • a Values corrected to show abundance levels in samples in which Leptospirillum groups II and III are present at the same concentration (observed values corrected on the basis of abundance ratios of Leptospirillum groups II and III in the biofilm samples).