Diversity of organisms in clone libraries for treated water at the plant and biofilms in the distribution systems of supply A and supply B

Source and type of organismNo. of clonesNo. of OTUs identifiedCoverage indexaTotal OTU richness (Chao1 estimation)b
MeanLower limitUpper limit
Eukaryotes in clone libraries
    Supply A27210839.7159136204
    Supply B27311542.114591277
Free-living protozoa in clone libraries
    Supply A13354c40.611381187
    Supply B12072c60.0163112274
  • a Number of OTUs/number of sequences × 100% (22).

  • b The Chao1 index (11) was calculated with DOTUR (59).

  • c The total number of OTUs excludes OTUs which were obtained from more than one sample type.

  • d The data are totals for the three analyzed biofilm samples.