Comparisons of die-off rate K values for raw water and sterilized raw water as a function of biological antagonism

Water source (reference)MethodTemp (°C)K value (day−1) for raw waterSterilization stepK value (day−1) for sterilized water
St. Lawrence River, Canada (5)Analysis of in vitro excystation (in dialysis cassette)a0.5-2.00.097Filtering through 0.2-mm-pore-size membrane in dialysis cassette0.047
Analysis of in vitro excystation (in microtube)0.5-2.00.018Filtering through 0.2-mm-pore-size membrane in microtube0.020
River Meuse, TheDAPI/PI vital dye assay50.023Autoclaving0.023
    Netherlands (27)DAPI/PI vital dye assay150.055Autoclaving0.014
In vitro excystation analysis50.023Autoclaving0.023
In vitro excystation analysis150.041Autoclaving0.025
Hope Valley,Cell culture40.005Autoclaving0.017
    Australia (25)Cell culture150.019Autoclaving0.020
Cell culture200.091Autoclaving0.088
Cell culture250.130Autoclaving0.132
Speed River, Canada (32)Tissue culture assay21-230.064Filtering through sterile 11-mm-pore-size nitrocellulose filter0.082
  • a Fed with raw water continuously.