Currently known and partially characterized PET hydrolases

Sequence no.PDB entry no.aGene namebOrganismReference
1W0TJ64Cut190Saccharomonospora viridis6
2E9LVI0cut1Thermobifida fusca (Thermomonospora fusca)7
3E5BBQ3cut-2Thermobifida fusca (Thermomonospora fusca)8
4D1A9G5Tcur_1278Thermomonospora curvata9
5E9LVH7cut1Thermobifida alba10
6H6WX58NAThermobifida halotolerans11
7E9LVH9cut2Thermobifida celluloysilityca12
8A0A0K8P6T7ISF6_4831Ideonella sakaiensis13
9G9BY57NAUncultured bacterium14
  • a Names and protein database (PDB) entry numbers of currently known PET hydrolases used in this work as references. Sequence data of these examples were used for the initial construction of the HMM.

  • b NA, not applicable.