Strains, plasmids, and oligonucleotide primers used in this study

Strain, plasmid, or primerRelevant phenotype and description or sequence (5′ to 3′)aSource or reference
    Escherichia coli
        VE7108Kanamycin resistance marker; containing the wild-type repA plasmid gene (not thermosensitive); host for pG+host9 DNA manipulation9
        VE6838Kanamycin resistance marker; VE7108 carrying pG+host99
    Lactobacillus plantarum
        WTNCIMB 8826 wild-type strainNCIMB
        ΔldhL1NCIMB 8826 ΔldhL1 strain12
        ΔldhL1xpk1NCIMB 8826 ΔldhL1 Δxpk1 strainThis study
        ΔldhL1-xpk1::tktNCIMB 8826 ΔldhL1 strain with xpk1 gene replaced with tktThis study
    pG+host9Thermosensitive replicon; erythromycin resistance marker8
    pGh9-Δxpk1Vector for deletion of xpk1 gene of ΔldhL1; erythromycin resistance markerThis study
    pGh9-xpk1::tktVector for replacement of xpk1 gene of ΔldhL1 with tkt; erythromycin resistance markerThis study
Oligonucleotide primers
  • a For primers, restriction enzyme sites are underlined.