Mass yields of products during the anaerobic phase after aerobic growth on glucose-rich media

StrainIPTG (mM)OD at 8 hYield (g of product/g of glucose) ofa:
NZN1110.06.5 a0.56 a0.50 a0.03 a0.05 a0.00
NZN111/pTrc99A-pyc0.08.9 b0.81 b0.15 b0.24 b0.14 b0.00
NZN111/pTrc99A-pyc1.09.3 c0.93 cd0.05 cd0.09 c0.00 c0.00
AFP1110.010.4 d0.85 be0.01 c0.12 d0.05 a0.00
AFP111/pTrc99A-pyc0.010.3 d0.90 ce0.06 d0.19 e0.04 a0.00
AFP111/pTrc99A-pyc1.015.5 e0.96 d0.06 cd0.21 be0.00 c0.00
AFP111 Δppc0.09.9 bcd0.54 a0.20 b−1.06 f0.15 b0.00
  • a Yields followed by different letters were statistically significantly differentat the 90% confidence level.