Enzyme activities during exclusively anaerobic growth on glucose-rich mediaa

StrainHeadspaceIPTG (mM)Sp act (U/mg of protein) ofb:
NZN111CO20.00.20 ab0.17 a0.018 a0.000.000.10 a0.00 a
NZN111/pTrc99A-pycCO20.00.15 a0.26 b0.025 a0.000.000.061 b0.050 b
NZN111/pTrc99A-pycCO21.00.27 b0.33 c0.11 b0.000.000.020 c0.086 bc
AFP111CO20.01.11 c0.45 cd0.98 c0.000.000.13 d0.00 ad
AFP111/pTrc99A-pycCO20.01.24 c0.52 d1.08 d0.000.000.11 ad0.056 bd
AFP111/pTrc99A-pycCO21.01.42 d0.68 e1.30 e0.000.000.057 b0.12 c
AFP111/pTrc99A-pycH21.01.79 e0.74 e1.58 f0.000.000.099 a0.17 e
  • a Serum bottles were under an atmosphere of CO2 or H2.

  • b Enzyme activities followed by different letters were statistically significantly different at the 90% confidence level. Enzyme abbreviations: ACK, acetate kinase; FR, fumarate reductase; GK, glucokinase; ICDH, isocitrate dehydrogenase; ICL, isocitrate lyase; PPC, PEP carboxylase; PYC, pyruvate carboxylase.