Enzyme activities at the onset of the anaerobic phase after aerobic growth on glucose-rich media

StrainIPTG (mM)Sp act (U/mg of protein) ofa:
NZN1110.00.82 a1.30 a0.26 a0.00 a1.56 a0.44 a0.00 a
NZN111/pTrc99A-pyc0.00.70 b0.90 b0.30 a0.00 a0.33 b0.38 b0.17 b
NZN111/pTrc99A-pyc1.00.93 c1.35 c0.29 a0.00 a0.38 b0.26 c0.49 c
AFP1110.01.41 d0.85 bc1.30 b6.20 b0.37 b0.35 b0.00 a
AFP111/pTrc99A-pyc0.01.54 e1.35 a1.49 c4.62 c0.93 c0.61 d0.72 d
AFP111/pTrc99A-pyc1.01.64 f0.77 bc1.51 c3.85 c2.31 d0.49 abd0.81 e
AFP111 Δppc1.02.18 g0.11 d2.68 d1.93 d4.48 e0.03 e0.00 a
  • a Enzyme activities followed by different letters were statistically significantly different at the 90% confidence level. See Table 3, footnote b, for enzyme abbreviations.