Mass yields of products during exclusively anaerobic growth on glucose-rich mediaa

StrainHeadspaceIPTG (mM)Yield (g of product/g of glucose) ofb:
NZN111CO20.00.53 a0.76 a0.06 a0.06 a0.00 a
NZN111/pTrc99A-pycCO20.00.77 b0.25 b0.09 b0.03 b0.00 a
NZN111/pTrc99A-pycCO21.00.81 c0.19 c0.11 c0.05 c0.00 a
AFP111CO20.00.88 d0.00 d0.22 d0.07 d0.00 a
AFP111/pTrc99A-pycCO20.00.96 d0.00 d0.23 d0.06 ade0.07 b
AFP111/pTrc99A-pycCO21.00.35 e0.00 d0.09 abc0.06 ae0.47 c
AFP111/pTrc99A-pycH21.00.91 d0.00 d0.11 c0.07 ade0.00 a
  • a Serumbottles were under an atmosphere of CO2 or H2.

  • b Yields followed by different letters were statistically significantly different at the 90% confidence level.