16S rRNA sequencing results for a Montastrea cavernosa colony from the back reef at Playa Kalkia

ID%No. of similar clonesNo. of base pairs sequencedBest-matched organismAccession no.DivisionLocation of Cloneb
982594Uncultured bacterium SAR102 L35460 α-Proteobacteria×
94-982534Uncultured bacterium OCS126 AF001638 α-Proteobacteria×
911543 Caedibacter caryophilus AJ238683 α-Proteobacteria×
921573 Olavius loisae endosymbiont 2 AF104473 α-Proteobacteria×
991596Uncultured Roseobacter NAC11-1 AF245630 α-Proteobacteria×
981610Uncultured bacterium EBAC31A08 AF268219 δ-Proteobacteria×
921334Uncultured bacterium CHAB-II-49 AJ240909 δ-Proteobacteria×
98-992546Unknown marine bacterioplankton SAR7 X52171 δ-Proteobacteria×
942587Unidentified marine bacterium OM60 U70696 γ-Proteobacteria×
98-999587 Prochlorococcus sp. strain MIT9202 AF115269 Cyanobacteria×
983546Uncultured Synechococcus sp. strain NAC1-5 AF245618 Cyanobacteria×
961454 Prochlorococcus marinus pastori AF180967 Cyanobacteria×
991603 Prochlorococcus sp. strain MIT9312 AF053398 Cyanobacteria×
991602 Synechococcus WH8101 AF001480 Cyanobacteria×
922675Uncultured Cytophagales CRE-FL75 AF141488 CFB×
931688Marine psychrophile sp. SW17 AF001368 CFB×
931645Uncultured marine bacterium ZD0403 AJ400347 CFB×
991588Unidentified cytophagales OM188 U70687 CFB×
941601Unidentified planctomycete OM190 U70712 Planctomycetales×
981567Unidentified bacterium isolate HRV16 Z88588 Unknown×
9512564Unidentified beta proteobacterium OPB30 AF026979 β-Proteobacteria×
946558 Hydrogenophilus thermoluteolus TH-4 AB009829 β-Proteobacteria×
951478Unidentified beta proteobacterium OPS140 AF026983 β-Proteobacteria×
95-962664Uncultured epsilon proteobacterium KTc1160 AF235116 ε-Proteobacteria×
98-9934539Chromatium sp. RW AF384210 γ-Proteobacteria×
991406 Escherichia coli K12 MG1655 AE000345 γ-Proteobacteria×
951527Uncultured alpha proteobacterium SIC.926 AF277517 α-Proteobacteria×
991583Uncultured proteobacterium clone CD5H5 AY038412 α-Proteobacteria×
931588 Maricaulis sp. strain MCS18 AJ227806 α-Proteobacteria×
941607Uncultured alpha proteobacterium KTc0993 AF235129 α-Proteobacteria×
951583Uncultured proteobacterium clone CD4D6 AY038529 δ-Proteobacteria×
992515 Desulfovibrio sp. strain TBP-1 AF090830 δ-Proteobacteria××
981582Uncultured proteobacterium clone CD5B11 AY038410 ε-Proteobacteria×
961321 Shewanella sp. clone NB65-G AB013842 γ-Proteobacteria×
931606 Marinobacter hydrocarbonoclasticus Y18240 γ-Proteobacteria×
991566 Pseudomonas stutzeri AY017341 γ-Proteobacteria×
93-942443Uncultured gamma proteobacterium clone 26 AF369718 γ-Proteobacteria×
961542Unidentified proteobacterium strain NKB4 AB013256 γ-Proteobacteria×
922616 Oceanospirillum linum M22365 γ-Proteobacteria×
881530Marine bacterium BBFL7 AY028207 CFB×
991630Uncultured Cytophagales clone CD4B12 AY038511 CFB×
921597 Parasporobacterium paucivorans sp. SYR1 AJ272036 Firmicutes×
92-952478 Spirochaeta litoralis M88723 Spirochaetales××
911220Uncultured rumen bacterium 4C3d-12 AB034093 Unknown×
911612Unidentified butyrate-producing L1-92 AJ270487 Unknown×
971613Uncultured Crater Lake bacterium CL0-45 AF316686 Unknown×
982435 Silicibacter lacuscaerulensis U77644 α-Proteobacteria×
971489Alpha proteobacterium MBIc1876 AB026194 α-Proteobacteria×
881489Uncultured alpha proteobacterium MB13E08 AY033327 α-Proteobacteria×
952497 Caulobacter sp. strain MCS33 AJ227811 α-Proteobacteria×
961341Uncultured Rhodobacter CtaxPhil-16 AF259624 α-Proteobacteria×
971477 Agrobacterium gelatinovorum D88523 α-Proteobacteria×
951342Uncultured alpha proteobacterium CHAB-I-5 AJ240910 α-Proteobacteria×
971373 Sulfitobacter pontiacus AF182018 α-Proteobacteria×
901399Uncultured ferromanganous bacterium MND AF292999 α-Proteobacteria×
991333Beta proteobacterium OS-ac-15 U46749 β-Proteobacteria×
871296 Desulfovibrio zosterae Y18049 δ-Proteobacteria×
90-912555 Desulfocella halophila AF022936 δ-Proteobacteria×
911425Delta proteobacterium S2551 AF177428 δ-Proteobacteria×
891302 Desulfovibrio alaskensis NCIMB13491 Y11984 δ-Proteobacteria×
871462Uncultured delta proteobacterium Sva0447 AJ240999 δ-Proteobacteria×
921535 Desulfofrigus oceanense strain ASv26 AF099064 δ-Proteobacteria×
961371 Desulfobotulus sp. strain BG14 U85470 δ-Proteobacteria×
942525-567 Desulfovibrio aespoeensis (isolate Aspo2) X95230 δ-Proteobacteria××
951546North Sea bacterium H120 AF069667 Unknown×
881626Unidentified bacterium strain BD2-14 AB015542 Unknown×
931544Bacterium strain 77003 AF227847 Unknown×
901356Marine snow bacterium Adriatic87 AF030773 Unknown×
941568Uncultured bacterium PENDANT-24 AF142936 α-Proteobacteria×
991338 Escherichia coli K12 MG1655 AE000345 γ-Proteobacteria×
911768Uncultured gamma proteobacterium CHAB-IV-34 AJ240917 γ-Proteobacteria×
931297Uncultured gamma proteobacterium DSS65 AJ401386 γ-Proteobacteria×
941355Uncultured gamma proteobacterium KTc119 AF235120 γ-Proteobacteria×
944612 Chlorobium vibrioforme Y08103 Green Sulfur Bacteria×
961622 Prosthecochloris aestuarii AJ291826 Green Sulfur Bacteria×
961505Uncultured bacillariophyte AWS98-19b AF327029 Chloroplasts×
911614 Epulopiscium sp. morphotype B M99574 Firmicutes×
97-982576Uncultured marine eubacterium HstpL78 AF159652 Unknown×
  • a Abbreviations are as defined in footnote a to Table 1.

  • b × signs indicate whether the clone occurred in the overlying seawater (SW), healthy coral tissue (HC), black band diseased coral tissue (BBD), or dead coral skeleton surfaces (DC).