Comparison of bifidobacterial populations in brain heart infusion broth (duplicate cultures) determined by culture and real-time PCR targeting the transaldolase gene

StrainLog10 bifidobacteria/ml determined by:
CultureTransaldolase-based PCR
B. infantis ATCC 15697T9.1, 9.28.7, 9.1
B. longum ATCC 15707T8.7, 9.08.9, 9.0
B. breve ATCC 15698T9.1, 9.38.6, 9.1
B. catenulatum DSM 20103T8.5, 8.78.3, 8.4
B. adolescentis DSM 20083T8.5, 8.58.5, 8.7
B. bifidum DSM 20456T7.9, 8.85.8, 6.1