Amounts of reducing sugars released from Avicel after 24 h of incubation at 30°C either by cells displaying cellulosomes or by the same amount of free enzymesa

Cellulase pair(s)Amt of reducing sugars (mg/liter) released from:Degree of synergy
CellulosomeFree enzymes
At + Ec80.137.62.13
At + Ec + Gf132.354.22.44
  • a Reactions were conducted either with different cellulase pairs (CelE-Dc [Ec], CelA-Dt [At], or CelG-Df [Gf]) docked on the displayed Scaf-ctf or with the corresponding purified cellulases. The degree of synergy is defined as the amount of sugar released from the cellulosome over the amount of sugar released from free enzymes.