Allelic and MLST profiles of E. coli O157 and E. coli K-12 strains

ProfileSerotype(s) (pathotype[s])cProfile designationFrequencyd (%)
1,1,1,1,1aO157:H7/NM (EHEC, EPEC)I24/35 (68.6)
2,3,2,2,3O157:H12 (AT)II1/35 (2.8)
2,3,2,2,4O157(rough):H12 (AT)III1/35 (2.8)
3,4,3,3,5O157:H43 (AT)IV3/35 (8.6)
3,4,3,3,6O157:NM (AT), O157(rough):H9 (AT), O157(rough):H37 (AT)V3/35 (8.6)
4,4,4,2,1O157(rough):H12 (AT)VI1/35 (2.8)
2,2,2,2,2bK-12VII2/35 (5.7)
  • a Profile of bovine and E. coli O157:H7 EDL933 and Sakai strains.

  • b Profile of E. coli K-12 strains C600 and MG1655.

  • c AT, atypical.

  • d Number of strains with indicated profile/number of strains analyzed.