Listeria monocytogenes growth data from the ComBase database with equivalent single-cell growth parameters of Francois et al. (4) and the estimated population parameters λa

Identification code(s) for growth data from ComBaseEnvironmental conditionDistribution (single-cell lag time variability)bMean single-cell lag time (h)Estimated population lag λ (h)
Temp (°C)pH
DuhLm_17 and DuhLm_18307.4Gamma (1.20, 0.65)0.80.6
ADRIAN_31, B113_51, and DuhLm_9107.4Gamma (1.28, 6.40)8.25.7
B113_49, DuhLm_7, DuhLm_8, ENVA52, ENVA65, ENVA69, and ENVA7477.4Gamma (1.11, 9.07)10.17.5
ENVA50 and ENVA6147.4Gamma (2.09, 19.23)40.228.4
B166_12, B166_13, LM080_1, and LM082_1106.1Weibull (2.66, 31.01)27.619.9
B166_19, B166_20, ENVA91, Laug_14a, Laug_14c, and Laug_160a76.1Weibull (3.68, 79.24)71.451.2
B288_2 and B288_11346.1Weibull (2.01, 91.04)80.754.7
B166_11105.5Weibull (2.93, 34.08), shift of 24.3754.846.6
B166_18 and B165_1875.5Weibull (4.29, 119.4)108.770.74
B288_14, B288_131, and B428_11045.5Weibull (3.04, 187.1)167.2119.3
  • a Listeria monocytogenes growth data from the ComBase database ( The water activity aw is 0.997 or equivalently, 5% NaCl.

  • b Numbers in parentheses are the parameters of the probability distributions.