Oligonucleotide probe sequences specific for the Chlamydiales and formamide concentration in the hybridization buffer required for specific FISH

ProbeaTarget organismsSequence (5′-3′)% FAReference
S-O-Chls-0523-a-A-18b Chlamydiales CCTCCGTATTACCGCAGC25This study
S-F-Chlae-0574-a-A-18 Chlamydiaceae CTTTCCGCCTACACGCCC20This study
S-G-Chla-0232-A-18 Chlamydia TAGCTGATATCACATAGA10This study
S-G-Chlph-0583-a-A-18 Chlamydophila CTAACTTTCCTTTCCGCC25This study
S-S-Ct-0623-a-A-18 C. trachomatis ATTAGATGCCGACTCGGG30This study
S-S-Cpn-0214-a-A-18c C. pneumoniae CTCTTCCTCAACCGAAAG30This study
S-S-Cpn-0974-a-A-18d C. pneumoniae AAGTCCAGGTAAGGTCCT30This study
S-S-Cps-1414-a-A-18C. psittaci” groupeAAGGCAAAACCAACTCCC30This study
S-S-Cps-1353-a-A-18C. psittaci” groupeGGCGTTATAGCTGACACG30This study
Bn9658Subgroup of the ParachlamydiaceaeTCCGTTTTCTCCGCCTAC10fAmann et al. (2)
S-*-ParaC-0658-a-A-18Subgroup of the ParachlamydiaceaeTCCATTTTCTCCGTCTAC10fHorn et al. (22)
  • a Probe designation according to Alm et al. (1); boldface type indicates the probe name as used in the text.

  • b To be used in combination with competitor (5′-CCTCCGTATTACCGCGGC-3′).

  • c To be used in combination with competitors (5′-CTCTCCCTCAACCGAAAG-3′ and 5′-CTCTTCCCCAACCGAAAG-3′).

  • d To be used in combination with competitor (5′-AAACCCAGGTAAGGTCCT-3′).

  • e C. psittaci, including C. felis, C. abortus, and C. caviae.

  • f Formamide concentration when probes Bn9658 and S-*-ParaC-0658-a-A-18 are used simultaneously.