Bacterial strains used in the experiments and the number and types of experiments conducted

StrainIdentification (by GenBank alignment)% Homology to GenBank sequenceSizeNo. of expt
Width by length (μm)Vol (μm3)StillFlow
HP1AJ002006, Curacaobacter baltica981 by 2.52.02
HP4AJ295154, Oleiphilus messinensis931 by 53.91
HP5AF321022, Frigobacterium sp. strain GOB981 by 32.41
HP11M58792, Microscilla furvescens901 by 3.52.7119
HP15AJ000647, Marinobacter strain PCOB-2981 by 3.52.71
HP25AF277514, Cellulophaga strain SIC.834 (uncultured)980.5 by 20.432
HP33AF345550, Rhizobium sp. strain SDWo52990.8 by 21.04
HP39AF025321, α-Proteobacterium KAT8991 by 43.162
HP43D90916, Synechocystis sp.1001 by 4.53.51
HP46AY028198, Marine bacterium TW-3990.8 by 21.01