Bacterial strains and plasmids

Bacterial strain or plasmidDescriptionSource or reference
E. coli
    TG1supE thiD(lac-proAB) hsdD5 F+ traD36 proAB lacIZΔM1519
L. lactis
    IL1403L. lactis subsp. lactis, plasmid-free8
    MG1363L. lactis subsp. cremoris, plasmid-free18
    NZ9000MG1363, pepN::nisRnisK12
    MG-Pnis::pmpACmr, NZ9000 carrying pJIM2080This work
    MG-Pnis::pmpA-Lip+Cmr, Eryr, MG-Pnis::pmpA carrying pJIM2430This work
    MG-Pnis-Lip+Cmr, Eryr NZ9000 carrying pNZ8037 and pJIM2430This work
    MG-pmpAEryr, MG1363 carrying pJIM2084 inactivating the pmpA geneThis work
    MG-pmpA-Lip+Cmr, Eryr, MG-pmpA carrying pJIM2088This work
    MG-PpmpA::luxCmr, MG1363 carrying pJIM2087 duplicating the pmpA promoter after integrationThis work
    MG-Lip+MG1363 carrying pJIM2088This work
    pBV502Eryr, Cmr, contains the cassette P5-cat-865
    pNZ8037Cmr, pNZ273 derivative carrying PnisA12
    pJIM2430Eryr, high-copy-number vector carrying the lip gene under the control of P4413
    pJIM2374Eryr, integrative vector11
    pJIM3035Cmr, integrative vector carrying the luxA-luxB gene downstream from a multiple cloning siteE. Guédon
    pJIM2078Ampr, pGemT carrying the structural gene encoding PmpAThis work
    pJIM2080Cmr, derivative of pNZ8037 and pJIM2078 carrying the pmpA gene under the control of PnisA (Pnis::pmpA)This work
    pJIM2082Ampr, pBluescript containing an internal fragment of pmpAThis work
    pJIM2084Eryr, pJIM2374 carrying the internal fragment of the pmpA gene from pJIM2082This work
    pJIM2085Ampr, pBluescript carrying the promoter region of pmpAThis work
    pJIM2087Cmr, derivative of pJIM3035 carrying the pmpA promoter region upstream the luxA-luxB genes (PpmpA::lux)This work
    pJIM2088Cmr, Emr, pJIM2430 (expressing the lip gene under the control of P44) carrying the P5-cat-86 cassette of pBV502This work