Positions, nomenclature, and GC% of M. avium subsp. paratuberculosis K-10 LSPs and vGIs with associated transposable elements not present in M. avium subsp. hominissuis 104

LSP nameaLSP locus tag(s)vGI namevGI locus tag(s)GC%Associated transposition element(s)Associated short inverted repeat sequenceAssociated short inverted repeat location(s)
vGI-1aMAP0071 to MAP009365.84
MAP1, or LSPp1MAP0092 to MAP0108vGI-1bMAP0094 to MAP0103c63.89MAP0104 (IS1311)CGGTGATCCGCCGMAP092 to MAP0103c/MAP0104
MAP2, or LSPp2MAP0282c to MAP0284cvGI-2MAP0281 to MAP0283c60.57CACGCCGACGCCMAP0280 to MAP0284c
MAP3, or LSPp3MAP0387 to MAP038965.73
vGI-3MAP0758 to MAP0774c65.81CGAGGTCGTCCGCTMAP0758 to MAP0774c
MAP4, or LSPp4MAP0850c to MAP0866vGI-4MAP0852 to MAP086659.91MAP0849 (IS1311), MAP0850 (ISMav2), MAP0866 (integrase)CGGACGGGCGGMAP0850 to MAP0866
MAP5, or LSPp5MAP0956 to MAP096769.61GCGCAGCGCGTCGMAP0957 to MAP0967c
MAP6, or LSPp6MAP1231 to MAP1237cvGI-5MAP1231 to MAP1236c58.60TGGGGCTACGCMAP1230 to MAP1236
MAP7, or LSPp7MAP1344 to MAP1349c67.32GGCGCTGACGCTGMAP1344 to MAP1349
MAP8, or LSPp8MAP1631c to MAP1638cvGI-6MAP1631c to MAP1637c61.63GCGGCGGGACGAAMAP1630 to MAP1637c
MAP9, or LSPp9MAP1718c to MAP1727vGI-7MAP1720 to MAP172765.34MAP1722 (IS900)
MAP11, or LSPp10MAP2026 to MAP2029cvGI-8MAP2025c to MAP2031c65.80MAP2034c (IS900)GCCGCGCGGGCGMAP2025c to MAP2031c
MAP12, or LSPp11MAP2148 to MAP2158vGI-9MAP2151 to MAP215758.99MAP2150 (IS1311), MAP2155 (IS1610), MAP2157 (IS900)GCGGCGCCGCCGGMAP2150 to MAP2157
MAP13, or LSPp12MAP2178 to MAP219666.93GTCCTCGACGGMAP2178 to MAP2196
MAP14, or LSPp13MAP2751 to MAP2769c67.46TGGGCGGCCTGGMAP2752 to MAP2769/MAP2770
vGI-10MAP2443 to MAP2457c64.17MAP2444c (IS900)CCGGGATCGCCGMAP2443 to MAP2457c
vGI-11MAP2523c to MAP252964.43
vGI-12MAP2767c to MAP2769c62.02MAP2769 (integrase)CGCGGCAACCGMAP2767c to MAP2769c
MAP16, or LSPp14MAP3721 to MAP3764vGI-13MAP3730 to MAP3747c64.91MAP3748 (IS1110)CGATGTGCTGCTMAP3730 to MAP3747c
vGI-14MAP3749 to MAP3770c61.15MAP3748 (IS1110), MAP3759c (IS1311)TTTTCAATAAGCGTMAP3747c/MAP3748 to MAP3969/MAP3770c
MAP16, or LSPp15MAP3770 to MAP3776c65.00
LSPp16MAP3814 to MAP3818vGI-15MAP3815 to MAP381860.74MAP3814c (IS900 like)CAGGAAGCGGGMAP3814 to MAP3819
MAP17, or LSPp17MAP4266 to MAP4270vGI-16MAP4266 to MAP426762.20AGACGCAAAAGCCCCCGMAP4265 to MAP4266
MAP18MAP4326c to MAP4328c66.06
  • a Nomenclature as described in previous studies (32, 35, 42).