Biovolume and average thickness of S. mutans UA159 biofilms determined by COMSTAT analysisa

Carbohydrate(s)Biofilm componentBiovolume (μm3/μm2)Avg thickness (μm)
Sucrose + starchEPS53.1 (8.5) a119.1 (33.5) a
Bacteria29.9 (6.4) A91.2 (37.8) A
SucroseEPS33.4 (8.2) b74.0 (27.4) b
Bacteria38.1 (8.5) B73.5 (25.2) AB
Sucrose + glucoseEPS23.1 (6.6) c45.0 (16.5) c
Bacteria37.5 (9.9) B57.1 (18.2) B
  • a Growing cells with starch and with starch plus fructose plus glucose resulted in minimal biofilm formation. The values in parentheses are standard deviations (n = 15). Values for each parameter (biovolume or average thickness) followed by the same letter are not significantly different (P > 0.05, as determined by an analysis of variance for all pairs using Tukey's test).