Functional classification of genes whose expressions were upregulated depending on the freezing period in indirect gene expression analysis

MIPS functional categoryaP valuebGene(s)
Homeostasis of metal ions3.73E−04SIT1, FRE1, FRE4, FRE7, CTR1, REE1
Cellular import1.83E−03SIT1, FRE1, CTR1, HXT5, HXT11
Oxidative stress response2.00E−03GPX2, HSP12, CTT1, GRE2
Protein folding and stabilization2.11E−03SSA1, SSA4, HSP26, HSP42, HSP82
Oxidation of fatty acids3.29E−03POT1, SPS19
Unfolded protein response4.58E−03SSA1, SSA4, HSP26, HSP42
Stress response4.97E−03HSP30, HSP82, MRK1, UBI4, DDR2, YJL144W
Siderophore-iron transport5.91E−03SIT1, FRE4
Alcohol fermentation6.94E−03NDE2, ADH2
Heavy metal ion transport7.44E−03FRE1, FRE7, CTR1
Nonvesicular endoplasmic reticulum transport9.23E−03SSA1, SSA4
Glycolysis methylglyoxal bypass9.84E−03GRE2
Sodium-driven symporter9.84E−03PHO89
OthersADR1, ADY2, AGP2, ATO2, BAG7, DSF1, ECM4, FMP16, FMP40, GLC3, GPH1, INO1, JEN1, MOH1, NCA3, NQM1, OTU1, PRM5, PUT1, PYK2, RNR3, RTC2, SHC1, SOL4, SPG1, UGX2, YPS6, YDR034W-B, YER053C-A, YGR110W, YLR149C, YML131W, YMR085W, YNL092W, YNL134C, YNL194C, YNL195C, YOR376W-A
  • a Genes were classified by gene function using FunSpec based on the categories defined by the MIPS database.

  • b Functional categories with P values of <0.01 are listed.