Compilation of sponges from which 16S rDNA sequences have been recovered

Sponge speciesTaxonomic affiliation (Family/Order/Subclass)aDepth and collection site (latitude; longitude)GenBank accession no.Reference
Aplysina aerophoba Aplysinidae/Verongida/ Ceractinomorpha7-15 m, Banyuls sur Mer, France (42°29′ N; 03°08′ E) AJ347025 -AJ347088This study
Theonella swinhoei Theonellidae/Lithistida/ Tetractinomorpha20-30 m, Western Caroline Islands, Palau (07°23′ N; 134°38′ E) AF186410 -AF186459This study
5 m, Eilat, Israel (31°35′ N; 34°54′ E) AF434939 -AF434963This study
15 m, Hachijo-jima Island, Japan (33°38′ N; 139°48′ E) AF434964 -AF434986This study
Rhopaloeides odorabile Spongiidae/Dictyoceratida/ Ceractinomorpha13 m, Davies Reef, Australia (18°49′ S; 147°38′ E) AF333519 -AF333552 49
Halichondria panicea Halichondriidae/Halichondrida/Ceractinomorpha15 m, Limski Canal, Croatia (45°07′ N; 13°39′ E) Z88580 -Z88591 1
Axinella mexicana Axinellidae/Halichondrida/ Ceractinomorpha10-20 m, Santa Barbara, Calif. (34°25′ N; 119°57′ E) AY029297 -AY029298 ,bU51469b 27
  • a All sponges belong to the class Demospongiae.

  • b Archaeal sequences.