Bacterial strains

StrainDetailsSource and/or reference
S. sonnei 53GClinical isolate36
S. sonnei 381Clinical isolate H140860381C. Jenkins, PHEb
S. flexneri M90TSerotype 5a37
S. flexneri 2457TSerotype 2a38
S. flexneri M90TΔT3SSmxiD replaced with aphA-3, conferring kanamycin resistance39
S. sonnei 53GΔT3SSmxiD replaced with aphA-3, conferring kanamycin resistanceThis study
S. sonnei 53G/GFPExpresses GFPa from pUltraGFP-GMThis study, 42
S. flexneri M90T/GFPExpresses GFP from pUltraGFP-GMThis study
L. pneumophila 130bSerotype O1; clinical isolateATCC BAA-74 (41)
  • a GFP, green fluorescent protein.

  • b PHE, Public Health England.