Concentrations of PMMoV in pooled and individual chicken and seagull samples collected from locations throughout the United States

Source of sampleLocation (type of samplea)No. of birds102 PMMoV copies/mg (range)
ChickenArkansas (I)1NDb
ChickenCalifornia (I)4ND
ChickenDelaware (I)1ND
ChickenGeorgia (I)5100-110
ChickenMissouri (I)15.24-14.6
ChickenNorth Carolina (I)3ND
ChickenIdaho (F)1199-216
SeagullFlorida (F)12ND
SeagullCalifornia (F)55.84-9.55
  • a I, intestinal homogenate; F, feces.

  • b ND, not detected; the level of PMMoV was below the detection limits of the assay.