Origins and typing data of O. oeni strains analyzed in this study

StrainaType of product and originYr of isolationPFGE clusterSTAllelec
PSU-1Commercial, California1972A111111111
IOEB-SARCO 436aRed wine, France2002A223231211
IOEB 9614Fortified wine, Pineau, France1996A336511811
IOEB-SARCO 444Fortified wine Pineau, France2003A43651111*17
IOEB 9902Red wine, France1999A541512715
IOEB-SARCO 1491Red wine, France2000A641512717
IOEB-SARCO 277Commercial, Laffort2000A741515611
VP41Commercial, LalvinNAbA842412715
MBOCommercial, United StatesNAA9455121015
MC1Champagne, FranceNAA1051314711
IOEB-SARCO 384White wine, Savoie, France2000A1151412211
IOEB-SARCO 450Commercial, Laffort2003A1151412211
IOEB 9221Wine, Nemea, Greece1992A1251512112
IOEB 9613Fortified wine, Pineau, France1996A1351512412
IOEB 9517Fortified wine, Floc, France1995A1451513211
IOEB 9523Fortified wine, Floc, France1995A1451513211
IOEB-SARCO 438Red wine, Arveyres, France2002A1451513211
IOEB 9701Red wine, France1997A1551712718
IOEB 9805Red wine, Gironde, France1998A1551712718
Vitilactic FCommercial, Martin VialatteNAA1551712718
IOEB 0026Red wine, France2000A1654412211
Viniflora OenosCommercial, CHR Hansen1993A1654412211
IOEB 9624fortified wine Banyuls, France1996A1754412511
IOEB 9115Red wine, France1991A1855511318
IOEB 9803Red wine, Fonroque, France1998A1955516315
IOEB-SARCO 422White wine, Jura, France2002A205831411*19†
Microoenos B16Commercial, LaffortNAA2159314211
IOEB 0205Champagne, France2002A2259314711
Expertise CCommercial, OenofranceNAB2367529834
IOEB 8908Red wine, France1989B2467629823
IOEB 89023Wine, ItalyNAB25611527831
IOEB 89021Wine, ItalyNAB26611527838
IOEB 9304Cider, France1993B27611528821
IOEB 8419Red wine, France1984B28611529831
IOEB 89024Wine, SpainNAB28611529831
IOEB 8403Grape, Gironde, France1984B29611529931
ATCC BAA-1163Red wine, Gironde, France1984B30711529825
IOEB 8417Red wine, France1984B31810529825
IOEB 8802Red wine, Gironde, France1988B31810529825
IOEB 8905White wine, Juranson, France1989B31810529825
IOEB 8406Red wine, Gironde, France1984B32811529822
L181Wine, Australia1977B33811529825
IOEB 9220Wine, Naoussa, Greece1992B34811529836
  • a IOEB, Faculty of Enology of Bordeaux; SARCO (Bordeaux, France); ATCC, American Type Culture Collection.

  • b NA, not available.

  • c STs and alleles were determined by MLST. *, allele with insertion; †, allele with deletion.