Psychrotrophic bacteria isolated in this studya

StrainRAPD profileNo. of isolatesClosest relative% SimilarityClosest relative accession no.Growth (no. of days) atb:Proteolytic activity at 7°C
14Pt1 Brochothrix thermosphacta 98 AY543029 314-
21Pe1 Buttiauxella agrestis 98 AJ293686 311-
3Pp4 Carnobacterium divergens 100 AM179875 534-
5Pq4 Carnobacterium divergens 99 AM179875 524-
16Pu4 Carnobacterium divergens 99 AM179875 535-
2Po1 Carnobacterium maltaromaticum 100 AY543034 424-
9Ps2 Carnobacterium maltaromaticum 100 AY543034 53+
19Pz1 Halomonas spp.98 DQ129699 321-
17Pv1 Leuconostoc gelidum 98 AB022921 583-
25Pi1 Pseudomonas fragi 98 AF094733 31+
23Pg1 Pseudomonas spp.99 AY569287 33-
24Ph1 Pseudomonas spp.99 AY569287 315-
26Pj1 Pseudomonas spp.98 DQ084461 31-
27Pk1 Pseudomonas spp.98 DQ084461 32-
28Pl1 Pseudomonas spp.99 DQ084461 31+
29Pm1 Pseudomonas spp.99 AY303304 32-
30Pn1 Pseudomonas spp.98 DQ084461 21-
22Pf1 Rahnella aquatilis 99 AY253919 33-
20Pd1 Serratia proteamaculans 100 AY040208 41-
  • a RAPD-PCR profile, species identification by sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene, growth at different temperatures, and proteolytic activity at 7°C are indicated.

  • b Number of days to obtain growth on PCA at a defined temperature. −, no growth.