Bifidobacterium spp. included in the present studya

ClusterStrainInulin-type fructan degradation profile
A B. breve YakultNeither oligofructose nor inulin degradation
B B. adolescentis LMG 10734Oligofructose degradation with preferential breakdown of short fractions; oligofructose degradation slower than fructose consumption; no inulin degradation
C B. angulatum LMG 11039TNonpreferential oligofructose degradation; oligofructose degradation faster than fructose consumption; degradation of short fractions of inulin
D B. longum LMG 11047Nonpreferential oligofructose degradation; equally fast fructose consumption and oligofructose degradation; degradation of short fractions of inulin
  • a Each species represents a phenotypical cluster of bifidobacteria exhibiting distinct inulin-type fructan degradation profiles (9).