Total sucrase activities in B. lactis grown in the presence of various carbohydratesa

Growth phaseEnzyme in the presence ofb:
GlucoseGlucose + SucroseOligofructoseSucroseRaffinose
Mid-log1.35 (0.3)1.32 (0.3)1.93 (0.2)2.74 (0.3)2.65 (0.3)
Late log1.03 (0.2)1.08 (0.2)1.98 (0.2)2.16 (0.6)2.95 (0.6)
  • a Sucrase assays were performed in TAP buffer.

  • b Specific activity is expressed in micromoles of μmol reducing sugar per minute per milligram of protein. The values are means of two experiments, and standard deviations are indicated in parentheses.