Summary of dilution culture and whole-water experiments performed with water from Lake Kinneret (Israel), the eastern Mediterranean Sea, and Gulf of Eilat (northern Red Sea), as well as situ temperatures and chlorophyll a concentrations

ExptSampling locationDateIn situ conditionsExpts performed
Temp (°C)Chlorophyll a concn (μg liter−1)Dilution culturesWhole water + nutrientsc
Unamended controlsWith nutrients
KIN1Lake Kinneret18 November 199923.07.7Yes
KIN2Lake Kinneret28 November 199922.67.4Yes+PaYes
KIN3Lake Kinneret3 January 200021.06.7YesYes
KIN4Lake Kinneret5 March 200020.010.0Yes+P, +C+PaYes
KIN5Lake Kinneret11 June 200025.06.8YesYes
KIN6Lake Kinneret11 September 200029.04.1Yesb+PYes
KIN7Lake Kinneret24 October 200025.012.0YesYes
MED1Mediterranean Sea16 May 200021.0YesYes
MED2Mediterranean Sea (coast)15 October 200025.5Yesb+C+PYes
GULF1Gulf of Eilat27 March 200023.0YesYes
GULF2Gulf of Eilat24 September 200028.0Yesb+C, +C+PYes
  • a The species composition on Zobell agar plates was not determined.

  • b Community DNA was collected on hybridization membranes.

  • c Factorial design of C, N, and P additions.