Measured and predicted in silico T-RFs of SSU rDNA and mcrA/mrtA amplicons of pure cultures of methanogensa

OrganismMeasured T-RF (bp)Predicted T-RF (bp)
SSU rDNAmcrAmrtASSU rDNAmcrAmrtA
M. bryantii9050247093502NA
M. concilii285255285256
M. hungatei395429394430
M. jannaschii789475∗792476473
  • a NA, sequence not available for in silico predicition; —, organisms contain only the mcrA gene, no mrtA gene; ∗, mcrA and mrtA amplicons of M. jannaschii differ by only 3 bp in length and could not be clearly separated in T-RFLP analysis (i.e., form one combined peak with a ≈475-bp length).