Comparison of the compositions of libraries from samples collected at different depths in Mono Lakea

Depth (m) at which samples were collectedSimilarity index (%) for the library from samples collected at the following depth (m):
267 (0.314, 0.877)18 (<0.001, <0.001)0 (<0.001, <0.001)
17.516 (<0.001, <0.001)0 (<0.001, <0.001)
2328 (0.006, 0.124)
  • a The index used was the Sorensen similarity index. Values in parentheses are the probabilities that the compositions of the libraries were different, calculated by using the LIBSHUFF program (X compared to Y, Y compared to X, where X is the library indicated in the stub and Y is the library indicated in the column head) (see Singleton et al. [60] for details).