Genotypic characterization and potential plasmid mobilization capability of a subset of B. cereus strains containing pXO2-like repA and/or pXO1-like repX

StrainSpeciesOriginPresence of predicted PCR productapUB110 mobilizationcpBC16 mobilizationc
pXO1-like repXpXO2-like
AW06 B. thuringiensis Reference strain containing pAW63++++++3++3++
Bt9727 B. thuringiensis Soldier's wound, Bosnia++++2+2+
T03001 B. thuringiensis Bombyx mori, France+++++++3++3++
VDM062 B. mycoides Soil, Scotland+NP00
B16 B. cereus Food, Canada+++++3++3++
AH599 B. cereus Unknown, Norway++++NP3++3++
IS195 B. cereus Mammal, Poland+++++NP3++3++
IS075 B. cereus Mammal, Poland+++++NP3++3++
5958c B. cereus Food (salad), Belgium++++NP+3++3++
ISP 2954 B. cereus Food (durum wheat), Belgium++++NP+3++3++
ISP 3191 B. cereus Food (spice), Belgium+++++00
Schrouff B. cereus Food (milk), Belgium++++++00
VD045 B. cereus-B. thuringiensis Soil, Denmark++++02+
VD115 B. cereus-B. thuringiensis Soil, France++++3++3++
VD142 B. cereus-B. thuringiensis Soil, Scotland++++1+2+
VD148 B. cereus-B. thuringiensis Soil, Switzerland+++++1+1+
VD022 B. cereus-B. thuringiensis Water, Belgium++NPNT3++3++
VD023 B. cereus-B. thuringiensis Water, Belgium++NPNT3++3++
AND1406 B. cereus Unknown, Denmark+NPNT00
VD014 B. cereus-B. thuringiensis Soil, Spain+NPNT00
VD048 B. cereus-B. thuringiensis Soil, Denmark+NPNT00
5975C B. cereus Clinical vomit, Belgium+NPNT00
F4810/72 B. cereus Emetic reference strain+NPNT00
B5-2 B. cereus-B. thuringiensis Soil, China++NPNT3++3++
1463 B. cereus-B. thuringiensis Soil, China+++NP+1+3++
015 B. cereus/B. thuringiensis Soil, China++++NP00
4BA1 B. cereus/B. thuringiensis Soil, China+++3++3++
Bc4-4 B. cereus-B. thuringiensis Sow bugs, Belgium+++00
Bc27-1 B. cereus-B. thuringiensis Sow bugs, Belgium++++00
DBt012 B. thuringiensis Cauliflower phylloplane, Denmark+++++1+2+
DBt685 B. thuringiensis White cabbage phylloplane, Denmark+++++1+3+
  • a +, present; −, absent.

  • b The primer pairs used to detect the presence of introns were designed to flank the group II introns and The presence of and was therefore determined by the size of amplicons. +, sample with predicted large amplicon band; −, sample with predicted small amplicon band; NP, sample giving no PCR product; NT, not tested (since is located in the virD4 gene, the strains lacking virD4 were not tested for the presence of

  • c The numbers indicate the numbers of the conjugation experiments in which mobilization of small plasmid pUB110 or pBC16 was detected. The experiments were performed three times for each donor strain. ++, high mobilization efficiency (similar to that of pAW63); +, low mobilization efficiency (102 to 103 times lower than that of pAW63).