Sequences obtained via pyrosequencing of our 20 March 2007 aeration basin wastewater sample

Primer positionNo. of sequences generatedRead length (bp)aFraction of sequences with correct 5′ primer sequenceFraction of sequences with no N residuesNo. of sequences remaining after filteringb
27F-337R15,141228.2 ± 57.00.960.8811,316
967F-1046R15,12492.7 ± 13.60.950.9512,277
967F-1177R18,873199.9 ± 41.60.960.7611,645
Whole genome378,601250.4 ± 29.11
  • a Read lengths are given as means ± standard deviations.

  • b The filters removed any sequences where the reads (including nucleotides derived from the primer sequence) were below a size cutoff (70 bp for 967F-1046R and 150 bp for all others), did not start with the exact 5′ primer sequence, or had any N residues anywhere in the sequence.