HPLC analyses of fermentation cell supernatantsa

Growth mediumCompound concn (mM)b
Citric acidPyruvateLactic acidFormic acidAcetic acidGlucose
CDM undiluted2.49NDNDND12.1125.46
CDM dilutions
    D = 0.11.41ND20.41ND9.900.09
    D = 0.21.39ND30.550.849.560.21
    D = 0.31.700.1233.081.2810.83ND
    D = 0.41.990.2134.701.8312.010.36
  • a S. thermophilus was grown under chemostat conditions at a dilution rate (D) of 0.1 h−1 to 0.4 h−1 on CDM (5 g liter−1 glucose) containing all amino acids. The table shows steady-state concentrations of the various metabolites formed or utilized in millimolar concentrations.

  • b Averages of two duplicates. ND, not detected.