Plasmid donor strains and in vitro-competent recipient strains

Strain identificationaSourceYr isolatedResistance phenotypeb
Plasmid donors
    E793Healthy calf feces2002AMP CAZ CHL KAN SXT TET SSS STR (RIF)
    E2699Healthy calf feces2002AMP CAZ CHL KAN SSS SXT GEN TET STR (RIF)
    E3679Healthy cow feces2002(NAL)
    E4069Healthy cow feces2003(NAL)
    E4079Healthy cow feces2003(NAL)
    E4126Healthy cow feces2003(NAL)
    S10801Mesenteric lymph nodec2005AMP CHL SSS STR TET (NAL)
    S13812Human (clinical)d2004(NAL)
  • a The “E” prefix indicates E. coli; the “S” prefix indicates S. enterica

  • b Abbreviations in boldface denote phenotypes correlated with the presence of the blaCMY-2 bearing plasmid characterized by Daniels et al. (12). AMP, ampicillin; CAZ, ceftazidime, CHL, chloramphenicol; GEN, gentamicin; KAN, kanamycin; NAL, nalidixic acid; SSS, triple sulfa (BD); TET, tetracycline; STR, streptomycin. Parentheses indicate phenotypes used for selectable markers.

  • c Serotype Typhimurium, isolated from a calf with sepsis.

  • d Serotype Newport, courtesy of the New York State Department of Health.