Identities of Pseudomonas species whose growth is suppressed by strain P9R in the potato endosphere

Closest match (% similarity)No. of bandsa
Growth stage 1Growth stage 6
Type strainNon-type strainE plantsK plantsR plantsE plantsK plantsR plants
P. azotoformans (100)241131
P. plecoglossicida (99.7) P. syringae (100)22212
P. proteolytica (99.7)11222
P. azotoformans (96.8) P. fluorescens (96.8)21
P. veronii (100)21
  • a Numbers of bands (of four) in PCR-DGGE fingerprints that were specifically found for the Pseudomonas endosphere of nontreated plants and were not present for the P9R-treated plants.