Plasmids used in this study

Plasmid nameDescriptionSource or reference
pEGFPN1GFP expression vector; ApBD Biotech
pGEM-T EasyCloning vector; ApPromega
pBBR1MCS-2Mobilizable broad-host-range vector; Km8
pGEMegfppGEM-T Easy + egfp PCR productThis study
pBBRegfppBBR1MCS-2 + egfp from pGEMegfpThis study
pBBRplPromoterless GFP reporter vector based on pBBRegfpThis study
pGEMPmamDCpGEM-T Easy + PmamDC-PCR productThis study
pGEMPmamABpGEM-T Easy + PmamAB-PCR productThis study
pGEMPapdApGEM-T Easy + PapdA-PCR productThis study
pGEMPmsp3pGEM-T Easy + Pmsp3-PCR productThis study
pGEMPrplKpGEM-T Easy + PrplK-PCR productThis study
pGEMPrpsJpGEM-T Easy + PrpsJ-PCR productThis study
pBBRPmamDCpBBRpl + PmamDC from pGEMPmamDC cloned in XhoI and NdeI sitesThis study
pBBRPmamABpBBRpl + PmamAB from pGEMPmamAB cloned in XhoI and NdeI sitesThis study
pBBRPapdApBBRpl + PapdA from pGEMPapdA cloned in XhoI and NdeI sitesThis study
pBBRPmsp3pBBRpl + Pmsp3 from pGEMPmsp3 cloned in XhoI and VspI sitesThis study
pBBRPrplKpBBRpl + PrplK from pGEMPrplK cloned in HindIII and NdeI sitesThis study
pBBRPrpsJpBBRpl + PrpsJ from pGEMPrpsJ cloned in XhoI and NdeI sitesThis study
pEZZ18Protein A gene fusion vector; ApGE Healthcare
pGEMZZpGEM-T Easy + ZZ protein domain PCR productThis study
pCL6pBBR1MCS-2 + MamC-GFP9
pBBRCZZThe ZZ protein domain from pGEMZZ was cloned into the NdeI and BamHI sites of pCL6 to replace GFP with the ZZ domainThis study
pJETPdcx1pJET1.2 + PmamDC-PCR productThis study
pBBRPdcCZZpBBRCZZ + PmamDC from pGEMPdcx1This study