Characteristics of control strains and ivi clones recovered from the gastrointestinal tract of lincomycin-treated RLF-mice

Clone or strainaOrganColonization time (days)Sex of mousebABT of miceβ-Glucanase activitycConcn of lincomycin (μg/ml) at which growth occurreddBLASTX resultse
ivi clones
    Ivi127Forestomach3F1±0Conserved hypothetical proteins of several bacteria (Chlamydophila pneumoniae, 49% identity)
    Ivi130Cecum3F1+1Peptide Methionine sulfoxide reductases (MsrB) of several bacteria (Enterococcus faecalis, 60% identity)
    Ivi139Cecum3F2+1Xylose isomerases (XylA) of several bacteria (L. pentosus, 68% identity)
    Ivi146Forestomach4M2±0Same as Ivi127
    Ivi148Jejunum4M2±0Same as Ivi127
Control strains
  • a Con1 contained pJW100 with a constitutive promoter and was randomly selected from a pool of clones recovered from mouse intestine; Pre1 was a preselected strain randomly picked from the fusion library.

  • b F, female; M, male.

  • c Determined on PHB agar plates supplemented with lichenan. Halo sizes: +++, 5 mm; + 1, 2 mm; ±, <1 mm; −, no halo.

  • d Determined on MRS agar plates supplemented with different concentrations of lincomycin (0, 1, 10, 50, and 250 μg/ml).

  • e The deduced amino acid sequence of the ivi gene was used as the query sequence; the hit with the highest homology is indicated in parentheses.