Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristic(s)Reference or source
    E. coli DH5αF′Cloning host5
    L. reuteri 100-23Rodent gastrointestinal isolate38
    L. reuteri 100-23CPlasmid-free derivative of L. reuteri 100-2317
    L. sakei LTH 677Source of ldhL promoter, formerly designated strain Ls89
    L. reuteri JW100L. reuteri 100-23C harboring pJW100This study
    L. reuteri JW200L. reuteri 100-23C harboring pJW200This study
    pUC29Cloning vector, Apr, 2.7 kb1
    pGT232Indigenous cryptic plasmid from L. reuteri 100-23, 5.1 kb31
    pFX3Source of chloramphenicol resistance gene (cat-194), Cmr, 4.3 kb40
    pTZ19-MacSource of endo-1,3-1,4-β-glucanase gene (bglM), Apr, 3.7 kb7
    pTRK95Source of erythromycin resistance gene (ermGT), Apr Cmr Emr, 7.5 kb33
    p29TpUC29 containing the rrnBT1T2 terminator cassette, Apr, 3.2 kb10
    pUC29catpUC29 in which the β-lactamase gene is replaced by cat-194, Cmr, 3.3 kbThis study
    p29cat232pUC29cat containing the 2.7 kb SalI-NcoI fragment from pGT232, Cmr, 5.6 kbThis study
    p29cat232smallp29cat232 with deletion of the nonessential 0.5-kb SalI fragment, Cmr, 5.1 kbThis study
    p29Tbglmp29T containing the promoterless bglM gene, Apr, 4.0 kbThis study
    p29TIVETp29Tbglm containing the promoterless ermGT gene, Apr, 4.8 kbThis study
    pJW100Promoter trap vector, Cmr, 7.4 kbThis study
    pJW200Derivative of pJW100 containing the ldhL promoter in multiple cloning site, Cmr, 7.5 kbThis study