Specificity of the real-time PCR assaysa

OrganismResultb for the following assay:
Methylococcus capsulatus++
Methylocaldum gracile+
Methylobacter luteus++
Methylomicrobium album++
Methylomonas methanica+
Methylocystis parvus++
Methylosinus sporium++
Methylosinus tricho- sporium++
Methylocapsa acidiphila++
DGGE band affiliated with forest clones+
Methylopila helvetica
Methylobacterium extorquens
Nitrosococcus oceani strain 9+
Nitrosospira tenuis
Nitrosomonas europaea
Escherichia coli
  • a Assays were tested with genomic DNA extracts from a set of methanotrophic and other Proteobacteria in at least two independent experiments.

  • b −, no signal after 45 cycles; +, signal.