Type and sampling location of marine sediment samples investigated and MPN counts for selected samples

Sample no.Sample type (length, cm)LocationCoordinatesDepth (m)MPN (107 cells g−1) in:Ratio of MPN at 2°C to MPN at 25°CViable-cell recovery (%)b
10GC01cCore (21)George V Basin66°32′S, 143°38′E761
10GB01GrabGeorge V Basin66°32′S, 143°38′E7502.500.592.82.2
13GB02CCore (14)Mertz Drift66°33′S, 143°5′E864
13GB02GrabMertz Drift66°33′S, 143°4′E8642.960.484.12.6
25GB13BCore (13)Mertz Drift66°34′S, 143°0′E843
25GB13GrabMertz Drift66°34′S, 143°0′E8430.920.081.61.7
27GB15CCore (14)Mertz Drift66°31′S, 143°23′E793
27GB15GrabMertz Drift66°31′S, 143°23′E7934.750.322.03.8
28GB16CCore (14)North Mertz Drift66°23′S, 143°19′E739
28GB16GrabNorth Mertz Drift66°23′S, 143°19′E7391.750.352.12.1
28GB17GrabNorth Mertz Drift66°24′S, 143°19′E7392.450.272.52.9
29GB18BCore (15)North Mertz Drift66°21′S, 143°18′E709
29GB18GrabNorth Mertz Drift66°21′S, 143°18′E7091.650.271.72.6
Casey1GrabO'Briens Bay66°16′S, 110°33′E25
Casey2GrabO'Briens Bay66°16′S, 110°32′E30
BurtonGrabBurton Lake, Vestfold Hills66°38′S, 78°8′E16
  • a M2216, M2216 marine liquid medium (diluted in an equal volume of ASW).

  • b The total direct count used for calculating the recovery percentage is the averaged value from the top 4-cm layer of the corresponding sediment core sample.

  • c This core was subjected to extensive clone library analysis (8) with GenBank entries AF424054 to AF424538 and AF425747 to AF425762.