Specificity of DNA-DNA hybridization with the BDE and BAN probes

StrainSpecificity with probea:
B. adolescentis DSM 20083T
B. angulatum DSM 20098T
B. animalis DSM 20104T+
B. asteroides DSM 20089T+
B. bifidum DSM 20456T
B. boum DSM 20432T
B. breve DSM 20213T
B. catenulatum DSM 20103T
B. choerinum DSM 20434T
B. coryneforme DSM 20216T+
B. cuniculi DSM 20435T+
B. dentium DSM 20084T+
B. globosum DSM 20092T+
B. indicum DSM 20214T
B. infantis DSM 20088T
B. longum DSM 20219T
B. magnum DSM 20222T+
B. minimum DSM 20102T+
B. pseudocatenulatum DSM 20438T
B. pseudolongum DSM 20099T
B. pullorum DSM 20433T
B. subtile DSM 20096T+
B. suis DSM 20211T
B. thermophilum DSM 20210T
  • a Hybridization temperature, 60°C; probe concentration, 2.5 pmol/ml. −, negative hybridization; +, positive hybridization.