Analysis of the methanotrophic community structure by real-time PCR in a flooded rice field soil

Methanotrophic group (assay)Target moleculesb in rice field soil (Vercelli, 1999)Subclass of Proteo- bacteria
Total methanotrophs (MTOT)a0.9 (±0.3)*α and γ
Methylosinus group (TYPEII)2.7 (±1.1)α
Methylocapsa group (MCAP)NDα
Forest clones (FOREST)NDα
Methylococcus group (MCOC)0.3 (±0.1)γ
Methylobacter/Methylosarcina group (MBAC)2.0 (±0.9)γ
    Sum of groups5.0 (±1.4)*α and γ
  • a Measurement with MTOT gives a result significantly different from the sum of group-specific assays (P < 0.05).

  • b Expressed as 106 target molecules g (fresh weight) of soil−1 (±SE). ND, not detectable; <1.9 × 104 targets g of soil−1. Asterisks indicate that numbers deviate statistically significantly (P < 0.05).