P. fluorescens 2-79 and derivatives

StrainRelevant characteristicsaReference
2-79Phz+ Flu+ Aff+ RifS46
2-79RN10Phz+ Flu+ Aff+ Rifr Nalr (spontaneous)46
2-79RNL32-79RN10 with a lacZ fusion generated with Tn3Ho-Ho16
2-79-59.342-79RN10::Tn5 Phz+ Flu Aff+12
2-79-892B2-79RN10 Phz (NTG) Flu+ Aff+47
2-79-B46b2-79RN10::Tn5 Phz Flu+ Aff38
2-79-892.2242-79-892B::Tn5 Phz Flu Aff+12
2-79-59.34.242-79-59.34 Phz Flu Aff (deletion of a 0.6-kb EcoRI genomic fragment carrying sequences that are essential for phenazine biosynthesis)12
  • a Phz+ Flu+ Aff+, produces PCA, fluorescent siderophore, and anthranilic acid, respectively; RifS, sensitive to rifampin; Rifr Nalr, resistant to rifampin and nalidixic acid, respectively, at 100 μg/ml; Phz Flu Aff, deficient in production of phenazine, fluorescent siderophore, and anthranilic acid, respectively; NTG, N-methyl-N′-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine.

  • b The loss of PCA production in P. fluorescens 2-79-B46 results from a transposon insertion into the regulatory gene gacS (L.S. Thomashow, unpublished data).