Survival of wild-type strain Sp7 and a phbC mutant strain in different inoculant carrier materialsa

StrainBacterial viability (%)
Sianic sandPeatPerlite
Wild-type Sp766 ± 5.5 A87 ± 5.3 A17.2 ± 3.1 A
phbC mutant21 ± 3.4 B63 ± 7.3 B0.6 ± 0.3 B
  • a The values are the percentages of viable cells present after treatment. The initial number of cells for each treatment was 3 × 106 cells. The values are means ± standard errors for three replicates from one representative experiment. Each experiment was carried out three to five times, and similar results were obtained each time. Within a column different letters after values indicate that there is a significant difference at a P value of 0.05, as determined by a t test.