Bacterial strains used in this studya

StrainIdentification by GenBank alignment% Homology to GenBank sequence
11 M58792 (Microscilla furvescens)90
13 AF359546 (marine bacterium SCRIPPS 739)98
15 AJ000647 (Marinobacter PCOB-2)98
22 AJ318163 (uncultured alpha proteobacterium)94
30 AJ294355 (uncultured Roseobacter 667-19)98
36 AJ302707 (Marinobacter sp. strain ME108)91
38 AJ296095 (Bacillus sp. strain OS-5)98
46 AJ391199 (Bacillus sp. strain AS-38)98
T5 AJ2961582 (marine bacterium PP-154)99
T5Mut AJ296158 (marine bacterium PP-154)99
  • a All strains were isolated from marine snow collected at the German Wadden Sea and grown in Marine Broth.