Apparent kinetic parameters of the dehydratases purified from E. coli Bl21/pAK2.1, E. coli Bl21/pAK5.1, E. coli Bl21/pAK7.1, and C. freundii for the substrate glycerola

EnzymeSp act (U/mg)Km (mM)kcat (s−1)kcat/Km (mM−1 · s−1)
E. coli Bl21/pAK2.1119.51.3378291
E. coli Bl21/pAK5.196.40.4378944
E. coli Bl21/pAK7.1111.81.7354208
C. freundii 134.10.5425850
  • a The specific dehydratase activities and Km values of the purified enzymes for the substrate glycerol were determined as described in Materials and Methods. The kcat values were calculated based on the specific activities and the determined molecular weights of the native dehydratases (pAK2.1, 190,000 [this study]; pAK5.1, 235,000 [this study]; pAK7.1, 190,000 [this study]; C. freundii, 190,000 [29]).