Comparison of similarities of complete amino acid sequences (excluding alignment gaps) of ADP/ATP-translocase-encoding genes (tlc) of Chlamydiales, Rickettsiales, and plant and alga plastids

Sequence no.Species% Similarity of sequencea:
1Parachlamydia sp.
2C. muridarum 1b63
3Chlamydophila pneumoniae 16280
4C. trachomatis 1639680
5C. muridarum 236383937
6Chlamydophila pneumoniae 23840414066
7C. trachomatis 2373939388468
8R. conorii 1c36343634282927
9R. conorii 23837383731313141
10R. conorii 3404040403130313945
11R. conorii 434333433302929364040
12R. conorii 54343434331313039424741
13H. obtusa404040403128303435363336
14A. thaliana 153525252343333333636324038
15A. thaliana 24646454629302928303027343284
16S. tuberosum545253523433343437383339398676
17Citrus hybrid cultivar53515251353434333637333938867791
18O. sativa5352535135343533373834393880728283
19G. sulphuraria535252523333333636393341385951595961
  • a The number at the top of each column corresponds to the sequence as defined in column 1. —, 100% similarity.

  • b Isoenzyme 1.

  • c Similar rates obtained for R. prowazekii.