Methanotrophic community of different soil samples, based on detection of the pmoA genea

SamplepHPmoAPmoA or AmoA (unknown)bAmoA (ammonia oxidizer)
MethylocaldumMethylosinusMethylocystisUSC αUSC γ
E 207.6+++
E 33a6.6++++
E 33b5.1+++A+
E L45.7++
E L4P5.9+++
E L55.2++A
E L66.2+++
E W77.2+++++
E 5FB7.5++
E 5FL6.2+++
E 26F4.9++
E 26W5.9++++
E 26A6.6+A+
E 56A6.9++A+
E 56W5.6+++
E 56F4.6+++B
GE BF6.8
WO DFH5.6+
VA DFT4.4+
VA DWT6.8++
BB NH4.6
BB NNW4.3+
BB WAS5.6+
G 15F7.7+++
G 15W7.3+
G 13FH7.1++
G 44W7.8+
G 44F8.0++
W B5FH6.3++
W B5FP6.9++
W Re4F6.1+++
W Re1F7.6+++
W Re3W7.8++
Samples from      July 2002
    E 5FB6.5++C
    G 15F7.9+++
    G 13FH6.8++B, C+
    G 44F7.9++++
    G 44W8.0+++
  • a See Table 1 for site descriptions.

  • b A, B, and C indicate the affiliations of the detected sequences with different unknown clusters.