Comparison of nucleotide and amino acid sequence identities for EF-Tu among different Bifidobacterium strainsa

Strain no.Strain% Sequence identity for strain no.:
1DSM 101409090979191958991
2ATCC 156979297909591919609
3ATCC 1570792999094909110089
4ATCC 255279993939191958991
5ATCC 295219596969590919489
6ATCC 157039393939391919094
7ATCC 157009795949893949191
8NCC 270593991009396939489
9DSM 201039391919392939391
  • a Data in the upper right triangle represent DNA sequence identities of the tuf genes in Bifidobacterium strains, while data in the lower left triangle represent deduced amino acid sequence identities of the corresponding EF-Tu proteins.